Nicole’s submissions to Gerry Fialka’s “PXL This” film festival

watch when you blink still

“Watch When You Blink” by Nicole Zwiren, is an experimental film that uses all different types of mediums (cell phone, youtube video, podcast, Pixel 2000 Toy Camera) to express the changes in our subconscious that the radio and new media create whether we become a part of it or let it wash over us.

Watch it here:

email your thoughts to Nicoleknows@gmail.comEnjoy the ride still 2“Enjoy the Ride” by Nicole Zwiren is an experimental film that uses GoPro footage, cell phone footage, and Pixel 2000 toy camera footage to accompany a voicemail accidentally left by Nicole’s mother on her machine as she was in the passenger seat driving home with Nicole, who was the driver. They pass a bike who is not stopping at the stop signs, which they think is dangerous, being that it is night time and all. Alicia Keys music begins to play in the background. Nicole’s best friend’s father is being taped by Nicole on the GoPro while he discusses the problems that bikers have while driving in Los Angeles. Nicole uses the Pixel Vision Camera to film figurines dancing around, to express the story in abstract form.

Watch it here:


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