Daily Archives: June 7, 2015

CineGear Expo 2015

Agamemnon Andrianos speaking at the Cine Gear Expo, “The Speed of Sound.”


I met this young man (a fellow sound mixer) at Agamemnon Andrianos’ talk at the Expo.


On my way into the free screening of “Ex Machina,” a great film.


Jerry Henry (Afro-American on the left) and I worked on “City of Gold” together.

My Contribution to the Women of the Local 695

695-Quarterly-2015-Spring cover 695-Quarterly-2015-Spring

The Women of the Local 695 were interviewed for this article in the local’s Quarterly Magazine and I was a sound mixer in the union back when they interviewed us in November of 2014. I have recently switched to being a Utility Sound Technician for the union instead, but I am still a sound mixer when it comes to non-union work.