Monthly Archives: August 2015

Work on Union Jobs


Last week I got to work on two different union shows. The first one was as a utility sound technician on “Scorpion” and the second was as a utility sound technician on “Supergirl.” I worked on a second unit thing for “Scorpion” on Monday with Jay Patterson and the boom operator was Tim Song Jones. I learned a lot, as this was only my second time being a utility for a union production. I realized how truly fast paced I had to work in order to do everything a utility is expected to do. You have to always be three steps ahead of the game. I even got to do a little bit of booming on “Scorpion” as second boom.

Then I got to work on “Supergirl” on the Warner Brothers’ lot on Friday and Saturday. Thanks to George Flores for taking a chance on me and hiring me from the availability list. George is a great teacher and role model. He said that he truly enjoys his job and is not above helping out his sound team when a lot needs to be done. He taught me the importance of keeping my hands clean and wearing gloves so that I can be professional and clean when mike’ing up the talent.

I hope to get more and more jobs as a day player so that eventually I can work for a full show as a utility sound technician or boom operator.