Welcome to Nicole Zwiren’s sound mixer website. Nicole Zwiren has been in the sound mixing business for over 5 years.  Her film experience spans back to when she was a child shooting home videos and taking video classes at her Jewish Sleepaway Camp. She went on to study film as an Afro-American Film Studies major at UCLA, where her second major was Anthropology.  She got her Master in Fine Arts (MFA) degree from Chapman University where she mixed student films in production and post. She won an award from the school (a Cecil Award) for best sound design as a graduate student for her thesis film, “Jeremy.” Not only skilled as a sound mixer, boom operator and utility sound technician, she is also adept at using video cameras because of her work as a documentarian. She has her own feature documentary film called “Behind the Fear (the hidden story of HIV),” narrated by Ed Asner, which she directed herself, and did camera work for a documentary called “Doc-Patient and the Law,” about the beneficial effects of marijuana oil in treating cancer patients. Nicole is in the union, the Local 695, as a utility sound technician (Y7A classification), where she does the cable wrangling, battery changing, and second boom operating on various union productions. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys playing basketball and singing.

Nicole Zwiren and Ed Asner


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