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PXL Film Festival 2016

I am submitting to the PXL THIS Film festival again this year. The great thing about this film festival is that as long as it has at least a few seconds of Pixl Vision 2000 footage in it then it is accepted into the festival and screened at the festival.

These are my two short experimental films to be screened at PXL THIS this year:

“Jacqui’s Comatose”

Jacqui’s Comatose – Go inside the mind of the sister of a comatose mental health patient: “Jacqui’s comatose; what if they can’t neutralize the chemicals?” Directed by Nicole Zwiren, whose documentary, Behind the Fear, the hidden story of HIV, narrated by Ed Asner, is available for viewing at Visit – This Page for press ready stills, and to view PXL

jacquis-comatose-still-1  jacquis-comatose-still-3 jacquis-comatose-still-4 jacquis-comatose-still-5

Directed by the director of the documentary, “Behind the Fear, the hidden story of HIV,” narrated by Ed Asner and available for viewing at

“Jacqui’s Comatose”


“Crazy on Skid Row”

Rebecca Bayer interviews a homeless lady on Skid Row, who is a philosopher, psychic and heroine addict, the day before Christmas of 2015. crazy-on-skid-row-pic-2


Filmed and edited by Nicole Zwiren, the director of the documentary, “Behind the Fear, the hidden story of HIV,” narrated by Ed Asner and available for viewing at Visit –  This Page for press ready stills, and to view PXL

“Crazy on Skid Row”

Best Documentary Feature 2016 Award at the New York City Film Festival

“Behind the Fear,” Directed by Los Angeles native, Nicole Zwiren, and edited by Ed Asner, just won the Best Documentary Feature 2016 award at the New York City Film Festival. It will premier in New York on December 9th, 2016 at 11AM at Producer’s Club Theater: 358 W. 44th St., New York City.


It already premiered in Los Angeles at the Awareness Film Festival 2016 at the LA Live Regal Cinemas as an official selection on October 9th. Ed Asner was in attendance and helped make a speech to introduce the film.

It won the Honorable Mention for the “Making a Difference Award” at Commffest 2016 where it screened at Imagine Cinema in Toronto, Canada on October 15th.

It won “Experimental Category Overall Grand Jury Winner,” at the World International Film Festival, Los Angeles where it screened at the Majestic Crest Theatre, Westwood on October 25th.

Award for Experimental Category Grand Jury, from World International Film Festival, Los Angeles
Making A Difference Award, Honorable Mention, at Commffest, in Toronto.
Ed Asner and Nicole Zwiren at the Awareness Film Festival 2016
The filmmakers and the narrator, Ed Asner.


HIV movie in Awareness Festival


In addition to earning an official selection by two other film festivals this year (Commffest Community Film Festival, and “World International Film Festival,”) “Behind the Fear, the hidden story of HIV” narrated by Ed Asner, and directed by Nicole Zwiren, got selected into the Awareness Festival 2016. It will screen between October 6th and October 16th (date to be determined) at:

Main Venue/Festival Headquarters:

Regal Cinema’s LA Live

1000 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Please support the film festival: click “like”

and attend their website for more info on the screenings:

Behind the Fear, the hidden story of HIV

The documentary I have been filming since attending Chapman University in 2009 has finally been completed.  The film’s trailer can be seen on Amazon and on the website: and can be seen for free on Amazon Prime streaming, or people can buy or rent the film via Amazon as well.

The film is narrated by the brave and talented Ed Asner.

It has been officially selected from the World International Film Festival and will play in 4 locations this September: Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Singapore.BehindTheFear-StoryBehindHIVjpg

Work on Union Jobs


Last week I got to work on two different union shows. The first one was as a utility sound technician on “Scorpion” and the second was as a utility sound technician on “Supergirl.” I worked on a second unit thing for “Scorpion” on Monday with Jay Patterson and the boom operator was Tim Song Jones. I learned a lot, as this was only my second time being a utility for a union production. I realized how truly fast paced I had to work in order to do everything a utility is expected to do. You have to always be three steps ahead of the game. I even got to do a little bit of booming on “Scorpion” as second boom.

Then I got to work on “Supergirl” on the Warner Brothers’ lot on Friday and Saturday. Thanks to George Flores for taking a chance on me and hiring me from the availability list. George is a great teacher and role model. He said that he truly enjoys his job and is not above helping out his sound team when a lot needs to be done. He taught me the importance of keeping my hands clean and wearing gloves so that I can be professional and clean when mike’ing up the talent.

I hope to get more and more jobs as a day player so that eventually I can work for a full show as a utility sound technician or boom operator.

Rampage Jackson on Samsung 360 Spot

nicole boom rampage jacksonI worked as boom operator/utility sound technician for this cool project for Samsung 360 where we interviewed people about their impressions of the new Samsung Gear virtual reality headset. Much of the spot was shot with GoPros that had a 360 degree angle view. I never saw anything like this set up before. I think it was 5 different GoPros attached to a gadget that had them all placed in spots where they faced a different direction so that the angles could be patched together in post to create virtual reality.

Everyone was really cool on this shoot and Rampage Jackson was awesome. He’s such a nice guy.

Thanks to Will Ogilvie, my sound mixer, for bringing me on the project!

Basketball Events by Nicole

Basketball for Peace was an event I created and coordinated to occur concurrent to the Peace Picnic at Robertson Recreation Center, on September 21st, 2014.

The idea is to use basketball as a means of bringing people together and promoting peace.

I co-produced an event at Robertson Park whereby children from ages 5 to 15 participated in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament.