CineGear Expo 2015

Agamemnon Andrianos speaking at the Cine Gear Expo, “The Speed of Sound.”


I met this young man (a fellow sound mixer) at Agamemnon Andrianos’ talk at the Expo.


On my way into the free screening of “Ex Machina,” a great film.


Jerry Henry (Afro-American on the left) and I worked on “City of Gold” together.

My Contribution to the Women of the Local 695

695-Quarterly-2015-Spring cover 695-Quarterly-2015-Spring

The Women of the Local 695 were interviewed for this article in the local’s Quarterly Magazine and I was a sound mixer in the union back when they interviewed us in November of 2014. I have recently switched to being a Utility Sound Technician for the union instead, but I am still a sound mixer when it comes to non-union work.

Nicole’s submissions to Gerry Fialka’s “PXL This” film festival

watch when you blink still

“Watch When You Blink” by Nicole Zwiren, is an experimental film that uses all different types of mediums (cell phone, youtube video, podcast, Pixel 2000 Toy Camera) to express the changes in our subconscious that the radio and new media create whether we become a part of it or let it wash over us.

Watch it here:

email your thoughts to Nicoleknows@gmail.comEnjoy the ride still 2“Enjoy the Ride” by Nicole Zwiren is an experimental film that uses GoPro footage, cell phone footage, and Pixel 2000 toy camera footage to accompany a voicemail accidentally left by Nicole’s mother on her machine as she was in the passenger seat driving home with Nicole, who was the driver. They pass a bike who is not stopping at the stop signs, which they think is dangerous, being that it is night time and all. Alicia Keys music begins to play in the background. Nicole’s best friend’s father is being taped by Nicole on the GoPro while he discusses the problems that bikers have while driving in Los Angeles. Nicole uses the Pixel Vision Camera to film figurines dancing around, to express the story in abstract form.

Watch it here:


Desperate Manny on MY NEW BLOG

_20150520_130413nicole on desperate manny

Thanks to the crew of “Desperate Manny,” the short film, for making a fun experience for me as a production mixer.

Thanks to the boom operator: Brian Mendoza, for helping me set up my new and improved website on WordPress! Check out his website:

Production shooting from May 17th to May 20th, 2015 at Los Angeles Center Studios.

Sound Mixer for Indie Projects, Y7A in the Local 695

Welcome to Nicole Zwiren’s sound mixer website. Nicole Zwiren has been in the sound mixing business for over 5 years. She started as a student at Chapman University where she mixed student films in production and post. She won an award from the school (a Cecil Award) for best sound design as a graduate student for her thesis film, “Jeremy.” Not only skilled as a sound mixer, boom operator and utility sound technician, she is also adept at using video cameras because of her work as a documentarian. She has her own feature documentary film called “HIV, The Story Behind the Fear,” narrated by Ed Asner, which she directed herself, and she is camera and sound person on a new docu-series that is in progress called “Pot-Patient Zero,” about the beneficial effects of marijuana oil in treating cancer patients. Nicole is in the union, the Local 695, as a utility sound technician (Y7A classification), where she does the cable wrangling, battery changing, and second boom operating on various union productions. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys playing basketball and singing. Her women’s basketball league is called “We Mean Ball,” and you can find more information here: