Work Portfolio

2 Femmes à Hollywood used my booming in their webseries:

Nicole's booming role from n z on Vimeo.

Taken by Grace (Feature)
Production and Post Production Sound
August 2012 – Jan. 2013

Be Beautiful – JLove by Jennifer Lopez Fragrance for Women – from n z on Vimeo.

J LOVE Commercial
Production Sound
July 29, 2013

“My Name is Vivienne” (Feature)
Production and Post Production Sound
June 2013 – Jan. 2014

The Martial Arts Kid (Feature)
Production Sound Mixer
August 2014

Lion: The Red Pill (Feature)
Production Sound
July 2013

City of Gold (Documentary)
Production Sound

Possibilia Trailer from PRETTYBIRD on Vimeo.

Possibilia (Short Film)
Boom Operator
May 2014

“Dog Walker”
Production Sound
April 2012

“Hedgeable Commercial”
Production Sound Mixing
October 2010

“A Nuclear Story”
Production Sound Mixer
December 2014

College Humor product placement for Mike’s Hard Lemonade
When Mummies Use Tinder
Production Sound
September 2014

“Massholes” (webseries)
Production Sound
January 2012- March 2013

“Bollywood Invasion”
Production and Post Sound Mixing
December 2009 – January 2010

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